Cannes 2024

"The Substance" by Coralie Fargeat

Noid is delighted to have taken part in the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. We are particularly proud to have contributed to Coralie Fargeat’s outstanding film “The Substance”, winner of Best Screenplay in the #Cannes2024 Competition!

Taking part in an Inspiring Round Table

In addition to our contribution to the film, Noid was honored to take part in the round table organized by Film France-CNC. The event, entitled “The Substance: or How to Shoot a Genre Film Produced by an American Studio in France?”, took place on Thursday May 16 from 10:00 am to 12:15 pm.

Participants included :

Nicolas Royer, Producer, Voulez-Vous Production Services
Alexandra Loewy, Producer, Working Title
Pierre-Olivier Persin, Visual Effects Designer and Make-up Supervisor
Chervin Shafaghi, VFX Supervisor, NOID
Jean Miel, SFX Supervisor

The round table was moderated by Rebecca Leffler, journalist for Screen.

It was a valuable opportunity to discuss our work on “The Substance” and the benefits of TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Production) for international productions.

The advantages of TRIP for international productions

At this round table, we highlighted the many advantages offered by TRIP (Tax Rebate for International Productions), a tax credit designed to encourage international productions to shoot in France. Not only does this scheme reduce production costs, but it also allows them to take advantage of France’s infrastructure and exceptional know-how in the film industry.

“The Substance” perfectly embodies the benefits of TRIP:

It demonstrates that an auteur film can benefit from our tax credit, including the 10% bonus for intensive VFX work.
It proves that a genre film can be shot entirely in France, using natural sets – Cannes serving as a stand-in for Los Angeles – and studios with interiors built at Épinay in the Île-de-France region.

It shows that a horror film can take advantage of the artistic talent available in France, both on set with make-up and special effects, and in post-production with VFX.


Encounters and souvenirs

The Cannes Film Festival was also a great platform for making contacts and forging professional relationships.

We met some great people and had a great time with our colleagues from the film industry.

Our warmest thanks go to Coralie Fargeat, Sarah-Jane Wright, Nicolas Royer, Film France-CNC, and all those who supported and appreciated our work. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on future projects and pursuing our passion.